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i am not a stuffed tiger.


Laura Miller on the release of the final extended edition part of the Lord of the Rings series:
Watching the extended editions of all three films together still takes less time than reading Tolkien's novel, but the effect is similarly immersive. You swim in this story, and drink it and breathe it. By the time Sam rallies that last bit of willpower, if you're still with it, your defenses are entirely gone. [salon]
I don't think that I'm mentally prepared to start watching Return of the King, let alone the entire eleven hours in a row.


Is that the total length, 11 hours? I was trying to figure out the other day how long all three extended versions of the films, back to back, would take to watch.
I think so, at least I'm trusting her math. It would be quite an endurance test to watch it straight through.
In preparation for ROTK in theaters last year, we watched FOTR and TTT back-to-back, extended versions. It was a lot. I think it'd be awesome to do, tho, if you have the 11 hours and lots of popcorn.
and maybe also a giant television / projector setup, too?

I watched them a week apart at Cinerama before ROTK, and that's probably enough for me. Maybe someday, though it has the feeling of a undergrad dorm thing. Like when some guys on my floor watched 24 hours of the Simpsons.
Or all 24 episodes of 24, played in synch with the actual time of day.
It would be like that time in high school when we watched the three Star Wars movies all in a row at my house...except twice as long. I think it will be excellent, but comfortable seating is definitely the most important key to 11 hours of movie watching.
Yeah, I was thinking about my input on this idea, and afterward thought "screw the popcorn - I'd need a couch all to myself!"