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I spent the past couple days working to finish some analyses for a conference call this morning, and now that it's (uneventfully) over I find myself staring at the wall trying to decide what my next project should be. I have plenty to do, but am feeling momentarily adrift without some sort of external prioritization system.

I also need to start engaging in the xmas commerce machine. Dread.


I thought you were in school...but now I wonder, what exactly is it that you do?
I'm working on a PhD in epidemiology at the UW.
Ah, one of those PhD types, eh? *grins* Its alright, I won't hold it against you as most of my friends have either done that or are currently doing as such. I am contemplating it myself if I can first figure out exactly what it is that I want to focus on...I think biometry.

(BTW, I wasn't trying to be rude by asking the question, you just always sound rather important and busy and I was curious what was causing all the hustle and bustle in your life.)