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the life aquatic

did anyone happen to get passes to see the preview of the Life Aquatic tonight? If so, does anyone have an extra for this Wes Anderson fan?


get this... they aired it at the hub like last week. shannon and i saw a poster for it on monday and iw as like wtf x 1000000000000. totally.
errr. showed. not aired. airing is for tv. or radio. yeah.
I've been avoiding the reviews (mostly) because I don't want crappy critics to spoil my enthusiasm for it. I'm totally one the edge of death due to wanting to see it so much.

I knew about the HUB screening, but I had to be on an airplane at the time. Furthering the killing myself impulses. I almost thought about getting a red-eye, but cooler heads prevailed.


this was supposed to be posted in seattle [reflecting my desperation]. i reposted, but it's getting a little last minute for any hope of the internet to save me, here.