josh (joshc) wrote,

another week in review (SRMM)

saturday and sunday: mostly uneventful. Watched some airplanes pretending to attack seattle. It is more fun when you know that they aren't going to drop bombs on you or anything. Kids really like to watch them diving and just flying. Oh boy, here they come again. I have a feeling that this love of airplanes is not universal. The wonder of them must get old pretty quickly if you're a kid in a country where the supersonic roar equals exploding houses. Isn't it nice that we so enjoy watching our cool war toys on display?

monday: go to the CHRU and continue my big reading adventure. I guess that if I keep browsing through topics, something will become intensely compelling. ProQuest is my savior - how did people survive before full text articles were available online? The damn New England Journal is still elitist, so their articles are dead to me.

tuesday: today it is sunny, so I stay home and waste time. I go to get a FlexCar key, and sit around in the sun reading Harper's. Then I feel really weird buying the New Yorker and the New York Times at the same time at a newsstand. I wonder if this makes me seem like some kind of Northwest hater, desperate for a taste of the East. This is not how I feel. They can keep their heat waves.

wednesday: Today more reading of articles about statins. I'm starting to look for a new home, so tonight I visit Wallingford. It must be over 80 degrees and I think that it is sweltering. I have completely forgotten my tolerance for extreme temperatures after only a year in Seattle.

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