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the most internet people I’ve ever met

just got back from Dante’s. I’m incredibly glad that I convinced myself to attend. what could I do, there were no excuses for missing out? who can say no to someone in a bear suit? not me.

Seriously, dantes_crew featured some of the best karaoke performers I've ever seen. Considering my attendance at several of Jenna's tailgates, this is saying something. Steve, the comic book guy look-alike, was quite the wannabe karaoke (or should I say Larry-oke) host.

why again did I sign up for an 8:30 Tuesday class? oh yeah, I read pharmacoeconomics as pharmacogenomics. remember, nearly 100% of illiterates can't read.


Glad you showed up tonight, welcome to the crew.


thanks - it was a lot of fun!

It was nice meeting you...

Psst! I'm glad you came too! =)))

Re: It was nice meeting you...

thanks again for inviting me -- it was so exciting to hang out with the real live dante's crew.

I think I'll try to come next time. It looks like there might be less singing and more yelling at wrestling!
baby wasn't down with the heist...

Re: also

the new math is treason.