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i am not a stuffed tiger.

spider hole!

beagle sleeping on a doghouse as a throwaway sight gag. best show on the air, right?


the music was kind of Charlie Brown specialish, too.
and did you notice the sullen charlie brown shuffle?
I did!

And the whole "Peanuts" homage was for no apparent reason. Have I missed thiss sort of thing in other episodes?

that show is as perfect as any show can be

Jenna, Brad and I were totally cracking up through the whole thing. And the beauty of having it on the Tivo was that we could replay parts that we missed because we were laughing so hard. Excellent episode.

Re: that show is as perfect as any show can be

this makes me want a tivo even more. though I don't think I'll get one -- paying a monthly fee to be able to record things seems so annoying.


I still think about that episode with the blind dog jumping into the garbage can. I could watch a loop of that forever, but it would probably kill me from the nonstop laughing.


It was the Charlie Brown Christmas song... and one of the best moments on television I've seen in a while.