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i am not a stuffed tiger.

viral marketing

A couple of weeks ago, my neighborhood was flyered with posters asking aboutt Seattle's Sea Serpent sightings; so I wrote a little post about it [seattle.metblogs]. Today, comments have been rolling in with people's accounts of the creature. I imagine it's all part of their marketing plan -- I had assumed that the entire legend was created for the purpose of making (or promoting) a fake documentary film so this sort of fits.


that's really weird.

this has happened to you before - with the trachtenbergs, right?
yeah, you're right!

nothing like the internet to bring out the self-promoters!
Maybe I can get a job doing that for times like this when I can't sleep (from stress).
my guess is that they don't have funds, which is why they're posting comments on low-traffic weblogs as a form of promotion.


there was also the time that Ben from the Lashes recognized my name because he had been googling the band name.