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trend mapping

Spotted today at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport: UGG boots in the line at the Delta ticketing agents.

We can't confirm that the wearer was even a West Michigan native, but hope this data point assists the trackers of outdated trends as they cross the country.


there's been an inexplicably weird resurgence of these on UW campus.
probably the chill of winter in the air reminding people to break them out.

or maybe they're showing up in thrift stores.
People are also still wearing these in NYC. Have you seen many ponchos? I think NYC may be the poncho capital of the world. It makes me want to die frequently.
They're here, but it's not too bad yet. Maybe they're less practical with the rain?

Did you see the Slate article about their horribleness? (http://slate.msn.com/id/2108192/)