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chair, apartment


A whole bunch of great ideas:

  • schedule a 6:30 am flight on a day when arriving two hours early is highly recommended
  • don't start packing until after midnight
  • go to a 9:40 showing of Kinsey with Jon, Rachel, and Kate
  • before movie, get a espresso beverage

All of this was preceded by a day of work, swimming, missing a series of busses, and dinner at 611 Supreme. My final excellent decision was to stay up all night instead of sleeping a few hours. It's just like a red eye! except you still arrive in Michigan late in the afternoon!

Almost time to go to the airport!



another great idea

Fly to the midwest during the winter, one day before the holiday you're to be celebrating:(

Re: another great idea

yeah. hooray for snow in grand rapids. we flew there, circled, and returned to cincinnati for the night! then I slept through my 7 am Thursday flight!

Super Fun Good Times.

Re: another great idea

OMG. So sorry.