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old news

If you haven't already seen it, go watch the "grey video" before it becomes hard to find. I admit to not fully appreciating the greatness of the Grey Album since I wasn't really a huge Beatles or Jay-Z fan, but something about the visual representation of the mash-up added another layer of brilliance. It's really great, especially for the visual learners in the crowd.

update: mirrored at waxy.org [#]

Aside from watching videos on the Internet, I spent much of the day working and going to meetings. Someone gave a talk, and the setup could have been a commercial for using Apple laptops. It was painful to watch. If I'd followed my first impulse to race them from the 17th floor, across the street, to the 13th floor for my laptop, and back I think I might have won.

That said, I'm trying to learn to use R and it is less than the funnest thing ever.