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i am not a stuffed tiger.


One of the fun parts of going to campus is seeing who's set up camp on the HUB lawn. This poster, from an animal rights group, wins today's prize.

The poster caused me to discover a group that sponsor turkey adoptions. Their description of Celebration for Turkey's Day is fantastic:
. . . guests gather round rescued turkeys and offer them a Thanksgiving feast of their own. The turkeys are offered, at festooned tables and by human hand, a traditional Thanksgiving banquet of pumpkin pie, stuffed squash, salad, and cranberries. These are foods that turkeys adore, and happily gobble up in front of their audience. [See also adopt a turkey. ]

Conveniently, dinners are held on both coasts: one in New York and one in California.


Tell them from me that the use of the preposition "on" in that sentence is a horrible grammatical mistake and they should be ashamed of themselves.
When I first read this, I panicked about "on both coasts" but now I'm going to assume that you were referring to "murder on". (un?)fortunately, I have no direct contact with anyone involved in p.e.t.a. Perhaps you could submit it to Wiliam Safire for his "on language" column?