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It's time for yet another overdue What I've Been Doing post.

On Friday, one of my colleagues finished writing her general exam; so we went to the happy hour at Chapel to celebrate. They have a long list of "martinis" for four dollars and several tasty food items, which added up to a good but pricey time. Chapel deserves special credit for thinking to deep fry risotto. The atmosphere is great, considering that it was once a funeral parlor. One lady (not in our group) liked the decor so much that she wore a shirt with a pattern that matched the wallpaper. Perhaps she was going for the chameleon look.

After a while, we adjourned to 611 Supreme for crepes and soup. I learned that there are some restaurants that serve two soups in the same bowl. 611 Supreme is not one of them, but I was pretty amazed to hear about this phenomenon.

The combination of an early start to the day, afternoon swimming, and an early start to drinking resulted in an unintentional early bedtime.


On Saturday I did a bunch of work and watched Metropolitan. It's a great movie, if you like movies where people spend a lot of time in urban settings having conversations, which I do.


Sunday brought the second Mat Brooke performance in a single week. This time, he played at the Crocodile in support of the new Carissa's Wierd CD [$] along with John Roderick and Ben Bridwell (now in a band called Horses). The show was well attended (for an un-hyped Sunday night event), but the indieness of it all was very amusing to Jeff.

My brief overview of the show: I think that the Horses improved with each song that they played. John Roderick should have a reality contest to hire someone to be his onstage comic foil, which has been missing since Sean Nelson left the Long Winters. Mat Brooke admitted to being nervous and spilled his whiskey onstage, but someone brought him a refresher. He played a mix of new songs and Carissa's Wierd songs, which actually still sounded good (but obviously not as good) as solo pieces.


Monday brought a return to work, a techfee workshop, swimming, and another attempt at pub quiz glory.


Tuesday: nothing happened. I worked, had another workshop, went swimming, and typed this.

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