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i am not a stuffed tiger.

four video stores later ...

Tonight's very important lessons: Metropolitan is not available on DVD. Depending on the video store, the videocassette will be filed under "romance" or "drama" or "comedy."

The good news is that my VCR, which I'd assumed to be non-functional, actually turns out to work after a bit of irrational effort.


Maybe it's funnier if you have more context for the Hamptons. I say this having never seen the movie.

I did read some of the essays in that book, they're quite good.
I don't know. I did watch the ABC miniseries The Hamptons and it was incredible.

And that part wasn't really meant to be funny. It's just the only part where the characters leave teh city and do something other than walking around, talking to each other in apartments, or going to dances.