josh (joshc) wrote,

midweek, already. out of order.

Somehow it's almost Thursday. I've been working most of the week, writing an abstract for a spring conference and trying to finish revising my short proposal for my dissertation. So, it's been a sort of productive week, but not much worth writing home about.


I don't think that I mentioned much about Mat Brooke's show on Monday. We arrived in Ballard too early and had time to kill walking around the quaint fishing village and getting a snack at Hattie's Hat. It really felt like it should've been snowing, but I have no idea why I felt this way. Just that Ballard on a Monday night was really quiet and kind of abandoned in the way of an off season ski town.

The show was really nice. Jeff rated it a 9.5 out of 10. We missed the first few minutes and it was a very short set. Mat played alone, sitting in a chair onstage, reminiscent of the old days of Carissa's Wierd, and seemed kind of nervous playing some new things and a cover. I think it was his first show since the band's final farewell last year and The Sunset Tavern was sparsely populated. My guess is that most of the people there were part of his friend group, or fans of some sort.

We stayed for most of the other act (Entrance), a loud two piece band from Baltimore. But they seemed out of place and it was a Monday; so we left before John Atkins played.


Today is Veteran's Day and probably the nicest looking day of this week (though the fog has been really fantastic, too); so I spent the afternoon working/reading/researching at Bauhaus because they really have the best windows in town. Now, however, it seems like the sun is freaking people out and the shades are being drawn to keep the light away from patrons' faces. Which, I guess is O.K. since the battery on my iBook is running low and I'm supposed to meet Carole & co. in a couple hours to see The Incredibles anyway.

Oh. The nice lady at Fillipi's Old Records and Books gave me their giant I ♥ huckabees poster today. It's probably too big for my office space, but it's still pretty neat: double sided and in it's own framing system.

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