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a sorry everybody / camwhore post

looking at this "sorry everybody" site feels kind of like a stage in grieving the election results, which seem less and less likely to change. so I guess that after one stops hoping for miracles, it's time to make little signs and post pictures of them on the internet. [flickr]


Re: nice

right. I don't think the "we're sorry" pictures are supposed to have smiling people since they're about being sorry and sad. Which, I am. 2008 seems like forever and term 2 hasn't even started.

Coming home was mostly a case of realizing that most of my friends were going somewehre else for Thanksgiving and not wanting to pull something together (or do nothing) thinking that it might be too depressing. I always seem to end up staying home longer than I should to accommodate flight prices; so I'll be arriving on Wednesday and leaving on Tuesday, which is sort of a crazy length of time without any specific plans.

Re: p.s.

hm? I think I already have it, right?

Re: p.s.

they're in GMT instead of local time. it's an lj faq, but that just means lj is dumb.
does it vary by style system?
yeah, s1 uses pst, which is just 'cause that's what lj originally used.
Brilliant Josh, brilliant. :)