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drinking in the dark

a tale of two memos

department of internal affairs: fuckthesouth.com

department of external affairs: sorry everybody

appears to be back up and running.(thx, uglyvalentine)


haha i turned you into a camwhore!
and once you get started, it's so hard to stop!
I have to say it's a little unfair to fuck all of the south. Though yes, NC went to Bush, what about those of us who voted for Kerry? There are democrats down here. And what about the North and Southwest which went to Bush?
I think that if we've learned anything, it's that life isn't fair. And "the south" is the new metaphor for the people who voted for Bush.

Read the article that I mentioned from Seattle's favorite alt-weekly paper. The editors argue is that you should move to a blue city and work to build it to "[increase] the electoral clout of liberals and progressives."
Does a blue city have to be in a blue state? If not, I can just move to Chapel Hill.