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useless! useful!

really, I thought that someone would have mentioned that the microphones were playing at the Vera Project last night. I was totally shocked and disappointed when I noticed the tiny ad for the show in last week's the Stranger.


On the other hand, it looks like November 16 might be coming early. Mat Brooke is playing a show tonight at the Sunset Tavern.


i would have gone to the microphones show at the vera project... but yeah... sunday night..
I would've expected a little more publicity. It wasn't even in the Stranger's "up and coming" section. Were there even any posters?
last night i went to a show on the lower east side with chris and jon pak (whose new thing is to come to NYC from Phily for 4 hours on the weekend) and saw some really crappy bands BUT ALSO Thurston Moore and Jim O'Rourke, who were AMAZING.

I've still never seen the Microphones. Crap.
that's a fun thing. I wish that I could come to New York for a few hours on the weekend.

Phil Elverum was in Brooklyn in September! I can't believe that I missed him in Seattle. I guess I just assume that he will only do shows in Anacortes.