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chair, apartment

weekend in review

the funniest thing I heard all weekend was during a low moment of MTV watchign procrastination. This fellow, Xzibit, was inspecting the results of a recently pimped ride -- a Ford Escort -- and said that it now looked "all Euro, like a medium sized shirt on a man."


the happy hour at Big Time on Friday was packed. Evidently, it was homecoming time at the University of Washington and the bar was full of homecomers. None of them seemed to know how to use the expandable tables, and the lady who usually yells at people regarding inefficient table usage was notably absent. Those of us who had grown used to her harsh criticism for misuse found it difficult not to intervene upon unsuspecting drinkers.

After the hours of happiness came to a close, Carolyn and I went to see Shaun of the Dead. It was entertaining, and a welcome diversion from current events, but it was less funny and more gory than I had expected.


I spent the rest of the weekend being mundane, doing household tasks, working on things, going to the gym, buying groceries, and trying to simulate a coma by putting in lots of extra effort in the sleeping arena.


i think you got a bit of the hype bug on shaun of the dead. it's definitely a zombie movie more than it is a comedy; it just so happens to have actual funny moments in it, as opposed to other zombie movies. :)
I think you're probably right, but I'm not sure if it's actually a good zombie movie either. Like I said, I was entertained; so it was probably good enough at both.