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open letter, an apology of sorts

Dear the Youth Vote,

I may have been much too hard on you on Wednesday. Let's just say that we were all angry and sad and said some things we shouldn't have. I misread "Fewer than one in 10 voters Tuesday were 18 to 24" [sfgate] and interpreted it as "only 1 in 10 voters 18 to 24 voted." As someone with graduate level training in interpreting statistics, let me just say that I am more than very embarrassed.

In fact, it looks like more than fifty percent of people aged less than thirty voted, which is the largest percentage since 1972. [] While this is not patting ourselves on the back territory, it is certainly something and I feel a little better when I read that the youth voter turnout was even higher in the battleground states.

Maybe I was a little oversensitive since this was my last presidential election as a "young" voter. Let's just look at this pretty map and try to feel better, o.k.? [kos]


[ j ]

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