josh (joshc) wrote,

in defense of moping

(in response to certain requests to stop feeling bad about the election [see, 601am])


The funny thing is that some people did wake up on November 3 with their civil rights limited. A lot of people have woke up since the terrorists attacks with some pretty serious limitations on civil liberties. And quite frankly, a lot of people's brothers are off dying in Iraq right now. I haven't bought into the draft scare, but certainly reservists are being held longer than they planned to and more are being activated.

You're right that the mechanical aspects of my day to day existence are the same today as they were on Monday. The major difference is that a lot of people like me woke up baffled that the past four years of thinking that the end of the disastrous was in sight turned out to seem pretty delusional (even though more people *did* vote against Bush than any incumbent president in history, too).

That the election turned on "moral values" rather than objective facts is the most shocking. Not only do I disagree with most Americans on the issues of the role of government and the direction we should be heading, but we also seem to be on entirely different playgrounds with completely different rules. Increasingly, it seems that people who want to live the majority of their lives in a country whose government protects the welfare its citizens should look elsewhere.

I don't think it's really about whining. I think it's more about deciding whether it's a worthwhile argument to have. Kerry was not my preferred candidate, but the fact that he couldn't win against a less than stellar campaign by a man who waged an increasingly unpopular war, created soaring deficit, and presided over net job losses leaves me thinking that it might be time to stop blaming the quality of the candidate and start blaming the desires of the electorate. I don't know what the basis of the campaign for this "unnamed democrat with balls" would be and why he should cast off the people on the left while Bush's embrace of the far right has lead to two victories.

Sorry. This has gotten longer and less coherent than I'd hoped it would be. I hope you'll give the mopers a few more days to deal with the fact that they may have become emotionally overinvested in politics.

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