josh (joshc) wrote,

ready to spring forward.

even though I couldn't find my keys, I managed to make it to the Crocodile in time for the new pr0nographers. I'm glad that I went, even though it involved taking the bus and a little bit of walking through potentially dangerous territory. or not.

Listening to those wacky candians, I couldn't help but smile. Maybe it was them dragging random people on stage to play air instruments? I always get a huge kick out of those kinds of antics. And gin. That always hits the spot with a bit of lime and tonic.

Hmm... Can't remember if I posted anything about the movie tonight. Y Tu Madre Tambien was pretty good if you enjoy somewhat exestential, explicit teen sex movies. I see why they decided to skip the MPAA rating. Also hanging out with people and eating pizza is generally a good thing.

Okay. Now I think I'll sleep.
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