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morning in america

noticed, on my morning to work. when all else fails, drink away the agony of defeat.


also, a couple of good items from yesterday's round of phone calls:

- asking for "Jane" and being informed by her ex-husband that Jane had been cheating on him for years and that he finally threw her out of the house to shack up with her new man.

- thanking an old woman for already having voted and being scolded that she didn't need any thanks because "she had a duty."


I think a lot of people were feeling okay about things until late last night, at which point, it came time to pop open the alcohol and drink until our brains bubbled over.

I got a phone call today asking for "Johnny." It turned out some guy had given a woman a phone number that he had just made up. Ouch.
ah. I guess it was a mistake to go home early. I missed out on the final election numbers desperation hookup round of the festivities.