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the only earth?

but all our crying voices, they can't turn it around

I don't know. I think that second or third loss of guarded compromised political idealism hurts as much as the first.


I'm feeling definitely out of the mainstream. America really seems to like war, deficits, job loss, and george w. bush. apparently, they (I mean we) are not such big fans of civil rights. And waiting to count all of the votes seems to be a controversial subject, since we aren't into math, either.


I don't see much cause for optimism. The next four years are bound to be like the last four, except with a bigger mandate and a less evenly divided congress.


we all had some hope there for a little while, didnt we.
totally. it would have been so uncharacteristic not to have it crushed at the last minute though. I don't know how we would have dealt with the shock.
You said it. We are the minority - the unheard, overlooked minority.