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weekend, if friday is part of the weekend

Being a techfee meeting day, I didn't attempt to go to the office in the morning and instead tried to work from home and from Victrola over lunch before bussing to campus. By the time I was finished on campus, it was time to meet the students from my office for a happy hour at Dragonfish.

You've probably heard good things about the Dragonfish happy hour, and most of them are likely to be true. We had a good time, packed into a small booth, eating tasty small food items, and drinking various beverages. I particularly enjoyed their sake selection, which came in a small overflowing glass inside an open box. I don't know if this is sake tradition, but it was funny.

Because I'd been low-grade cold + NyQuill lazy all week, I felt obligated to go swim at the IMA to burn off nervous energy rather than dealing with the neglected work that was making me anxious.


Dragonfish Happyhour - SO GOOD!
I can't believe it took me this long to finally go! SO GOOD, is right.