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weekend. dia de los muertos, but not really

When I told MoveOn that I'd volunteer for the ninety-six hours leading up to the election, I expected to be busy nonstop over the weekend in electioneering activities. The weekend started with a pretty disorganized rally, where too many volunteers clustered around overwhelmed leaders who eventually sent us on our way with a short stack of addresses to canvass. My trio finished within a couple hours, mostly because no one stays at home on a sunny weekend afternoon and many of the addresses were out of date anyway. Underwhelmed and feeling that Washington (especially my neighborhood) wasn't particularly in play (based on the quality of the walk lists), I went home and watched the MSU-UofM game on television and took a nap. I think that MSU won.

For pre-halloween (I wish it was actually for Dia de los Muertos, but it wasn't), I went to Carolyn's roommate's party event at Nectar, which is a new bar in Fremont. We arrived before they started charging cover, and proceeded to hang out with other people from our program in the loft area and sipped expensive fruit-flavored cocktails. I have no comment on the mixing of things like KetelOne and Tanqueray Ten with fruit juices to create beverages with names like "nectarini" and "summer in seattle" except "when in Rome ... " Eventually there was a funk type band that played, while unidentified (/ unidentifiable) movies played on screen.

Walking to catch the bus home, I almost had decent feelings about the Republic of Fremont and the holiday of Halloween. Usually I'm sort of ambivalent to negative about both. Nectar was a pretty nice and smoke-free venue and the people of Fremont tended to have really good costumes and attitudes. In contrast, the people that I passed on my walking back to Capitol Hill, seemed more desperate and hurried in respect to costume selection. I'm sure there's something of a socioeconomic/demographic gradient at play, but the autumn night made the whole Fremont scene somewhat cinematic.

I got home at watched television until the clock changed from 2 to 1, in the spirit of my first Halloween at MSU, when I eventually met my floormates and we watched a halloween type movie (I think it was Salem's Lot) and watched to see what would happen to the clock channel at 2 am. It was just one of those crazy night on the honors floor of Holmes Hall.

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