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halloween scene

We weren't kidding when we told you it would be a very special halloween party in Pioneer Square. We know you're probably depressed as hell that you couldn't make it out on a Sunday night halloween to see for yourself, but thanks to the miracle of modern internet technologies I've posted a few more pictures from the end of the party at Tim's loft so that you can live vicariously through digital imaging. [flickr]


the picture of the guy in the suit is hot.

flickr is cool , I think I'll get an account when I get a camera-cell-phone. photo blogging galore!
who? geoff, in his pirate suit? [flickr]


yeah. flickr would be even cooler if I had a camera phone!
the yakuza(sp?) one!

I'm getting a camera phone when I have saved up enough money to be able to put aside $250 ($75 activation fee; $150 cell-phone) for a new phone with t-mobile. I am going to feel like such a yuppy.
er, you realize that's a picture of me, right?
Excellent halloween costume!