josh (joshc) wrote,

republicans gone wild

Josh Bearman reports from the Sunshine State about local Republicans and their Halloween adventures: dressing as San Francisco gay rights activists at heavily Democratic polling places.
“I know all about Polk street and the Castro,” he said. “Stanford University. I’m from San Francisco, and I’m for gay marriage.” He was wearing a yellow golf shirt, tucked into khaki chino shorts with a call phone clipped to his belt — the Republican uniform. “Our candidate, John Kerry, supports gay marriage, gay adoption, everything gay.”

The ruse, apparently, was supposed to target this church-going Democratic crowd by misrepresenting Kerry’s politics. It was a little surprising at first; but then again, that’s the only way Republicans can win: by misleading people [laweekly]

Check out the link for the rest of the story, photos of republicans "supporting" women & their right to choose, telltale signs of inauthenticity, and the power of video capture to chase them away.

I think I'm ready for this whole thing to be over.
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