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drinking in the dark


a special message to people in Seattle (or willing to travel to Seattle) for Halloween:

from the team that brought you a Very Rubik's New Year ...

Piece of Shit Halloween
31 October 2004
Tim's Loft
Pioneer Square
(approximately above the New Orleans -- 1st & Yesler)

wear a costume, or be lame

If you already have plans, cancel or reschedule.

(yes, we realize there is a Pho Bang reunion that night).


This has been an unpaid non-political advertisment



I'm Tim Tinker, and I endorse this message.
I think a better title would be..

A Very Large Piece of Shit Charlie Brown Halloween

but i guess what you've got in bold text works too.
yeah. It's not my event; so I didn't have a lot of creative control in the naming department.