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the blue state of slate. (45-1-1-1-4)

In a not-entirely-shocking bit of news, Slate contributors reveal their overwhelmingly Democratic voting intentions for the presidential election -- out of two participants, I counted only four Bush voters (one from an intern). Even Iraq hawk Christopher Hitchens casts his vote, through a bit of twisted logic, for Kerry.

Among the sea of Kerry voters are one vote each for Cobb and Badnarik as well as the enlightening revelation that extraordinary Supreme Court correspondent Dahlia Lithwick is Canadian (and, therefore a non-voter, but still awesome and a Kerry supporter). [slate]

Kevin Arnovitz, Fray Editor
Paul Berman, Contributor
Henry Blodget, Contributor
Paul Boutin, Technology Writer
Phillip Carter, Military and Legal Affairs Writer
Bryan Curtis, Deputy Culture Editor
Sara Dickerman, Food Writer
Daniel Drezner, Political Scientist and Contributor
Jonathan Epstein, Software Development Engineer/Program Manager
Gretchen Evanson, Office Manager
Mia Fineman, Curator and Art Writer
Kris Fritz, Software Development Engineer
Richard Ford, Law Professor and Contributor
David Greenberg, Contributor
Christopher Hitchens, Contributor
Jim Holt, Contributor
Margo Howard, Advice Columnist
Fred Kaplan, Contributor
Jon Katz, Contributor
Mickey Kaus, Contributor
Kathleen Kincaid, Design Director/Lead Program Manager
Laura Kipnis, Contributor
Josh Levin, Assistant Editor
Scott Moore, General Manager of the MSN News and Information Division
Robert Neubecker, Illustrator
Timothy Noah, Senior Writer
Meghan O'Rourke, Culture Editor
Jill Hunter Pellettieri, Assistant Editor
David Plotz, Deputy Editor
Charlie Powell, Illustrator
William Saletan, Chief Political Correspondent
Gerald Shargel, Contributor
Laurie Snyder, Copy Chief
Mark Alan Stamaty, Illustrator
Mike Steinberger, Wine Writer
Dana Stevens, Television Writer
Seth Stevenson, Contributor
Maureen Sullivan, Copy Editor
June Thomas, West Coast Editor
Louisa Herron Thomas, Intern
Julia Turner, Assistant Editor
Garry Trudeau, Contributor
Eric Umansky, Contributor
Jacob Weisberg, Editor
Robert Wright, Contributor
David Bradley Kenner, Intern
Steven Landsburg, Economic Writer
Rachael Larimore, Copy Editor
Lee Smith, Contributor
Josh Payton, Interactive Designer: David Cobb
Jack Shafer, Editor at Large: Michael Badnarik
Dahlia Lithwick, Senior Editor: Neither


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