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i am not a stuffed tiger.

oh, canada

Does anyone else think that this election might turn on the influenza vaccine fiasco? I've had cable news running in the background this afternoon and it's a huge story and seems to be a regular item on the front page of the local papers. Old people lining up to be denied vaccination can't look good for the administration in the final days leading up to November 2.

I was thinking that it would be a fun excuse to go to Vancouver, but it turns out that it's kind of pricey to hop on an Amtrack just to get immunized.


( I also think that our vaccination strategy is a politicized mess, but that's another story)


if he can't protect us from influenzas, hows he going to save us from the wolfs and terrorons?!?!?!!
we're 100% dead meat. no wonder the wolves are circling.
The Victoria Clipper is running a deal right now for $105 which entitles you to take the clipper up to Victoria (don't know how you get to Vancouver from there) and the flu shot at the clinic. Not a bad deal.

Yeah, I don't think it's going to bode well for a lot of Americans that we're being utterly shown up on health care by freakin' Canada.
that's not a bad deal - I imagine they have a clinic in Victoria. Amtrak's something like $65 round trip to Vacnouver, plus the vaccination costs ~ $20.

I just don't know if it's worth $100 to avoid the flu. It would be more of a protest trip (and location scouting in case of electoral emergency!).
Yeah, the last time I had the flu was in 1998, so I'm not too worried. Plus I'm a young healthy guy, so the potential for flu to do serious damage is slim to none. I think these things are geared more towards infants and the elderly, right?
This is sort of what I meant by our vaccination policy being a mess. A case could be made that it would make more sense to immunize the people who are out and about, with lots of interpersonal contact (who also interact with the death susceptible) to prevent transmission. Influenza is unlikely to kill you, but you could easily infect someone who might be weaker.

In terms of productivity hours lost, we'd probably be wise to immunize school age kids, since schools are a huge source of transmission. But, this is an area that's open to debate and politicization.
I think it's definitely worth $100 to avoid the flu. Last year a friend of mine got the flu and it made her incredibly sick. I had a very mild version of it, staved off by the fact that I had gotten a flu shot. I was really counting on that. Damn it.

I am way too busy to get the flu. Seriously, I don't know what I would do.
are you going to get one? you could probably make it to canada, too.
Actually, one parent of one of my students sent around an email that is making quite a bit of noise - stating the reason that we don't make the vaccine in the US is because John Edwards helped a man sue a company because he got sick from the vaccine. So insurance went up and people stopped making it here. That doesn't sound good to the random reader.
Actually, Aaron P. finished lecturing me a few hours ago about how Bush has all of this momentum - have you looked at electoral-vote.com lately. Things don't look good.
I don't know that I can pin this one on the current administration. As someone who knows people who work for Chiron (in Liverpool), there were alot of administrative choices on -their- end that made this happen as well...In fact, my uncle did a tour of the place right after Powderject had taken over the previous company and before they were bought out by Chiron and the issues weren't there. Did you know that it takes over 200,000 eggs to make one batch of influenza vaccine? Just a fun fact.
As a side note, I'm going to Vancouver right before Thanksgiving...you could always ride in the bed of my truck...or in the cab if you'd rather. However, you'd have to listen to two girls chat and sing to music all the way.
that's a really nice offer. I'm sure that riding in the cab of a truck is more likely to kill me than the flu.
e-v shifts their results with the latest poll, regardless of the source. (I think).

I don't know how Bush has any momentum, he's still below 50% in most polls and surveys of job approval. Those are bad numbers and he's likely to lose Ohio and Pennsylvania. Florida looks close too.

It's a shame that Kerry's down in the upper midwest -- he must have taken it for granted or something? I'm shocked that Bush is up in WI, MN, and IA. Crazy. I wish we'd had one last debate very close to election day.
I agree 100% I just had a very interesting convo w/my dad at dinner. I was pretty sure that he has always been a republican. But no way - he's totally progressive. But I think if the debates had been closer to the election it would make a world of difference.

what liberal media?

The fact that the story coming out of the debate being the reference to big time lesbian, Mary Cheney hasn't helped either. It is just so stupid I want to kill myself. Or my television.

Re: what liberal media?

Yes, that definitely didn't help. Damn media!
that's completely r-e-t-a-r-d-e-d. Bush's answer to every health problem is to limit lawsuits. The reason that companies don't make it in the U.S. is probably related to profits, but we could solve that by subsidizing production the way we subsidize agriculture.

Actually, I'm much rather have health subsidies than ag.