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interpol, vanity

Tonight at the Paramount, where I was seeing interpol, two different people, both hairstylists stopped me to ask where I got my hair cut. It was very strange, since they were really complimenting the person who cut my hair and not me. The answer is Vain. I half-suspect that they were planted, since my usual person is raising her rates.

The show was good. Paul's (the lead vocal) voice sounded different / less good than on the CDs, but I got over the distraction of it and enjoyed the rest of the band, who were fantastic. On top of enjoying the opening act (the secret machines), the Paramount is a gorgeous venue


it was a great show.. the acoustics and the lights were great. All in all, I thought Interpol were rock stars up there on stage
I agree, but am I crazy to think that Paul's voice sounded (distractingly) different live?
they were good, perhaps great. Seattle crowd can bite my ass though. wake up people!

i was sitting in back with a sick friend on the GA floor so I had a good view of both band and stage. There were only a handful of people moving around to the songs... which is totally opposite from when I saw them at Showbox and Graceland. I believe hipsterism had shackled them into stillness.
Before seeing them live, I don't think that I would've imagined that interpol would be danceable (in the limited sense of what people do at shows). I think that expectations play a role in how people react. For instance, I'd guess that Franz Ferdinand could've played chamber music and people would have danced to it when they were at the showbox.

The venue has an effect too. I think it was probably a little too big for the movers and shakers to create a tipping point situation.


I do wonder about the "seattle audiences" complaint. Are there examples of other U.S. cities with different audience behavior patterns? The majority of shows I've been to have been in Seattle; so I've internalized it as the norm and find the random flipping out dancer in the head-nodding appreciative crowd a bit disconcerting.
You need to post a picture of this hairstyle . . .
it's pretty much my normal haircut, which is what made the whole thing so strange.
Oh! Well, I agree that you have a nice haircut, but I don't really think it's all that revolutionary or anything. I mean, it's hip - it's cool, etc. You know.
I know. They seemed to be very impressed by my stylist's ability, rather than my presentation, which was informed by an hour of swimming and a mile and a half of walking.

Kailin's husband Steven described Interpol as "Scheiße Chic." So, so true.
I'm not sure how to interpret this, but I do miss having you around to help with the coinage of important catchphrases and to moderate my tendency to like bands that I probably shouldn't.
"Scheiße" means "shit" in German.


I got the translation, not the interpretation.
I meant to say that I was very impressed by your ß usage, and that I do sincerely miss your guidance on these matters.