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the only earth?

wolf = terrorist

Let us reflect for a moment on the new BC04 ad called "Wolves." On the site, you'll find a press release [gwb] and a page linking to the video [gwb].

First, let us consider the wolf as an endangered species. Is the campaign trying to draw parallels between it's supposed dedication to terrorist eradication programs and its eagerness to get wolves off the endangered species list so that farmers can shoot them down? 1 The spot closes with George standing in his office, looking at a memo and talking on the telephone. Because getting rid of terrorists is hard wordk.

The next thing that struck me is how funny it is that we're now using wolves in a pristine natural setting as a stand in for terrorists. What? Is any animal more beloved among red state americans? If we are to believe t-shirt sales, the wolf is right up there with the soaring eagle and the flag among the t-shirt wearers that should be Bush's key demographic. Seems like calling the beloved wolf a terrorist might be dangerous at this late stage in the campaign.

(1) See also, from Curb Your Enthusiasm's favorite environmental cause, press releases from the National Resources Defense Council:
"Interior Department proposed ending gray wolf protection" [nrdc]
"Department of Interior afraid of big bad wolves" [nrdc]
"Bush administration taking shots at wolves" [nrdc]


man, how can I keep my Rebel Wolf t-shirt now?

that wolf is a terrorist if I've ever seen one. destroying the confederate flag, too. he must hate america, big time.

john kerry would totally keep that wolf from going extinct. he's such a wimpy environmentalist. the only thing he's killed are ducks. well, and people too. but other than that, he's just a liberal flipflopping wuss.

A voice of reason who's killed, like, 20 dudes

You have totally misunderestimated this wolf. He is jumping through the Confederate flag as a pre-game attraction in the same way that football players will jump through a huge paper version of their coat of arms/mascot/etc.

It is a manish sign of awesomeness, not a wimpy sign of hatred.

Re: A voice of reason who's killed, like, 20 dudes

I guess it just shows how much I'm out of touch with the mainstream. I had no idea that the rules were different for the confederate flag!

you totally should have bought that towel...or at least stolen a similar one from Winks

A) That is the worst thing I've ever seen. I hope those wolves were well paid.

B) As someone who will sadly eventually be "related" to many people who own a variety of wolf shirts, I think I can safely say that you are completely right that the wolf lovers are Bush people. And while I'm sure they like to think of wolves as total bad-asses, I'm sure they would hate to think of them as terrorists. Everyone knows how much wolves love America; that's why they're always pictures howling at American flags! Or...have the wolves been fooling us all along...hmmm.

Re: you totally should have bought that towel...or at least stolen a similar one from Winks

omg. the wolves might be members of sleeper cells! they could be with the terrorists and against america.

I can't accept that just yet. It would be too traumatic to bear. But I'll definitely try to be more skeptical the next time I see a wolf howling at an American flag.

Re: you totally should have bought that towel...or at least stolen a similar one from Winks

You really should be a little more careful. Wolves try to trick us with their sweet innocent furriness, but they're really cold-hearted terrorist killers. I wonder if the eagles are in on this too?

You know, the whole "black tshirt with wolf/eagle/ocean scene/lightning bolts/unicorn" business could be a terrorist operation. They've infiltrated our fairgrounds and our most susceptible citizens! It's brilliantly evil.
And yet I suspect that the BC04 team has won the hearts and minds of many a Western rancher ... maybe the entire thing was code for them.
I wouldn't put it past them. They're all about coded constituency messages.