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Man. I was so giddy when last week's foray into the Stranger's up and coming section revealed an upcoming explosions in the sky show. Ah, how proud I was of myself for reading beyond the weekend!

Now my spirits have been crushed by a mechanical failure. Thanks to their stupid tour bus, tonight's show has been cancelled. (via interimlover [lj])


Too bad for that. Maybe you should take time, reflect and perhaps put on a show of your own. I'm sure someone would lend you some spoons...or perhaps a very nice pot to bang on? For your explosion part you could get some sparklers and light them up in the apartment and see what pretty colours you get. Then, you could end the evening with a little CNN or MSNBC or some CSPAN depending on how tired you're feeling (well and what exactly is on at the moment...I saw MSNBC rerunning last week's episode of the Apprentice...)
I'm glad you're able to find joy in my heartache.
I am always up for some joy in the middle of your heartache. No, seriously if you were really upset I wouldn't make jokes...hell, I'd even buy you the sparklers.