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saturday (or a beautiful place out in the country)

all the pictures from saturday, in case you'd like to follow along [flickr]


I heard about this corn maze at the Farm in Snohomish and was really really excited [metblogs]. So, I was a little worried when I woke up to the sound of rain outside my window on Saturday morning. I confirmed that the rest of the group was still up for a trip to the farm and bussed my way up to Rachel's house.

Let me tell you that this place totally exceeded my unrealistically high expectations. First, obviously you think it's impossible to find something cooler than a corn maze in the shape of the state of Washington with paths arranged to mirror the state's highways. But then you ride out there on a tractor-pulled covered wagon sitting on bales of hay. And then, even though it's raining, you discover that it's kind of fun to stomp around in the claylike mud and try to get lost, but that it's difficult to do so given the highway configuration and the maps.

But wait ... there's more. Back at the farm there is a goddamn petting zoo with kittens and bunnies! And a donkey! and goats! and sheep! and a fucked up looking duck from South America.

After all of this, guess what? more fun. A multi-story hay maze inside a barn that ends in a big plastic slide? most definitely. And an on-site bakery! roasted corn! There is also a great big pumpkin patch and a kid in the picnic area supposedly playing the guitar. And just when you think there can be no more fun, there they have a rendition of the Three Little Pigs acted out by actual pigs!


Back in Seattle, I met up with Jeff and Carolyn at Elliott Bay to hear Dave Eggers. Again, I was mesmerized into buying more books than my budget can afford or that my schedule will give me to read. He was there along with Dr. and Mr. Haggis-on-Whey who were promoting their new book, Your Disgusting Head [$]. Dave's new book, How We Are Hungry [$] was also there, ahead of schedule; so I bought it to get a signature.

The whole presentation was very good. There were actual people playing the role of Dr. and Mr. Haggis-on-Whey, who we later learned to be fans who showed up at lots of San Francisco McSweeney's events that are now touring with the Eggers brothers. They were completely delightful and somehow make fandom of literary things seem so much more o.k. Toph was there too, though he ran off before I could get him to sign the Disgusting Head book.


After my books were suitably signed and stamped, we departed for dinner at Carole's house. On the way, we stopped for wine using the tried-and-true rule of selecting bottles with both interesting labels and significant discounts. Carole cooked eggplant borani, and it was really good.


I'm completely jealous of your corn maze trip. All the ones around here are crap, which doesn't even make sense considering how much corn there is everywhere; you'd think someone could make a decent corn maze. I think I need to just build one in my backyard like I thought about doing last year.
I know! It's crazy that there aren't more corn mazes in good old Michigan. When my friends asked me if I'd ever been to one, I was pretty surprised when I realized that I hadn't even heard of a corn maze until moving out of state.
Yeah, it's completely bizarre. There are lots of corn mazes in this part of the state, but there were definitely none in the greater Kzoo area. And there were tons of corn fields everywhere; I know because I detasseled most of them! Maybe detasseled corn is no good for corn mazes? Or maybe the people of Kalamazoo County just aren't very creative and fun? Such a mystery.

The best corn maze I've been to is the one in VA for Jennifer's bachelorette weekend. It was shaped like a bear and mountains and a crab or something...I don't remember why. Also, it was especially fun due to our fear the whole weekend of being sniped by the sniper, and the fact that it would be super easy to snipe people who are running around in corn.