josh (joshc) wrote,

friday (or, public service as a form of procrastination)

I delayed going to the office on Friday because Chris was in town for a wedding and had pencilled me in for a late breakfast. Not that it would take a lot to convince me to hold off on working, but I was especially happy to take time for a cross country visitor with a whirlwind schedule. This is probably an exaggeration, it's not every day that old friends from New York turn up on your doorstep. It turned out to be her second breakfast of the day; so we walked down to Local Cafe and had scones. As I've mentioned previously, these are really great with the right amount of blandness. Sometimes I just stop there for one and they pick on me for having already bought coffee elsewhere. Even when I leave the vivace cup out on their patio table when I sneak in to order.

Not that there was much of a point in trying to work after breakfast. Chris had shopping to do and I spent time getting ready for a long much overdue techfee meeting. We had to review resumes, a bunch of supplemental proposals, and new people. Sticking around for so many years makes it impossible to avoid being elected chair.

After sticking around the HUB office to do administrative things, I went to swim at the IMA. On the way over, I waded through the crowd of students waiting to "come together for UW," though I didn't realize that they were going to the fancy president + Bill Gates event.

I swam for a little bit longer than I'd planned and had to rush across campus to meet Jeff at the University Bookstore to listen to Stephen Elliott and Neal Pollack. The distance was longer than expected, but I noticed a greater than usual appreciation of oxygen in my post-swim condition.

The reading was really good. Stephen Elliott convinced me that I had a moral obligation to buy his new book, Looking Forward To It and so far I'm inclined to agree. Reading it is sort of killing me though, since he's still in the early part of the democratic primary and we all know how that turned out.

The final stop was Chop Suey to hang out at a Music for America table while Solyoni, Leuko, Mercir, and the Dalmatians played. The Lashes were supposed to play, but they got a better offer and skipped town for NYC to be wined and dined by record execs at CMJ. It was a pretty mixed-up lineup, but generally enjoyable if not sparsely attended. The Dalmatians set up their stuff on the floor and rocked the hell out. I was pretty tired and left early and forgot to close my tab. When I picked it up later, I was marginally overcharged. It is probably not worth it to fight for the five dollars.

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