josh (joshc) wrote,

new recurring feature! groups who don't like g.w.b.

Notable content from Slate highlights constituencies against Bush. Some expected and some not so much.

First, the non-surprising result that 24 of 31 polled writers are voting for Kerry. Or maybe it's surprising that 3 of 31 support Bush? What unfolds is a eloquent and often moving set of responses to why they feel the way they do. A sub-non-surprising finding is that novelists are good with words [slate]

Second, anecdotal evidence shows that there exists a level of wealth were people switch from Republican to Democrat, and that this level tracks nicely with the "fuck you money" threshold. Admittedly, the survey was not scientific, but coupled with the link to the 200 business leaders who endorse KE04, the ultra rich are doing their best to combat the cold hearted captain of industry stereotype. [slate]


note: the above findings do not diminish the humor of Billionaires for Bush.

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