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for your listening pleasure

look! a couple of Kings of Convenience concerts are right there on the internet for you to hear. [k.o.c.]

extra credit: while downloading, please construct a venn diagram of people who read my journal, people who like Kings of Convenience, and people who read stereogum [#].


That is an amazing site. Now you've got two in the middle of the Venn Diagram (or do you read your own journal? Probably not. Does it count that you write it? I don't know.)

see joe's response [#]

if reading my own journal counts (and I think it should), I'm a "space alien." obvs.
heheh, i'm in there somewhere for sure!
you're totally a space alien!
excellent. two gold stars!


i started making a diagram in photoshop before reading your comment. leave it to the internet to make everything easier.
internets to teh rescue!!!

of course the definitive venn diagram can be found on amy barr's webpage
v. nice. of course.


did amy, travis, ben, (et c.?) all start at the UW with clever netids without knowing each other? or did they change them at some point in their academic careers?
Amy and Ben knew each other. Ben and Travis met very early on freshman year, but I think they had selected their netids before meeting.

Amy has a story behind hers, you'll have to ask her about it...needless to say, she spent a lot of time hand-crafting it for maximum awesomeness.
this is really theiving from the best double (not to infringe on amy's triple) venn diagram ever: people who set goals + space aliens = successful people.

And no, a venn diagram does not necessarily consist of three circles. I checked.
I'd prefer if you referred to it as "a subtle nod" to the best double venn diagram ever.