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kids today

danah boyd has an interesting post about syndication and youth culture; how RSS doesn't fit into the youth model and how the kids view livejournal's friends page differently from a feed viewer.
LJ Friends Feeds look a lot more like IM than email, unlike most feed readers. Posts are just aggregated in a reverse-chronological ordering and you page through the various posts. There are no checkboxes, no little red numbers that tell you you didn't read everything. You can easily scan. Unlike their adult counterparts who seem to add and never delete, youth talk about removing people from their LJ friends list if they're annoying, if they don't talk much anymore, etc. Because of the overhead of reading LJ friends' lists, there is a desire to only retain those who are of actual interest. [apophenia]
I think I'm somewhere in the middle. I'm both reluctant to add and to delete new people from my friendslist without trying to catch up on the whole journal (or putting them in a feed aggregator). Like danah, I used to find my RSS reader overwhelming, but I've sort of gotten over the compulsion to keep up with all of the unread items and just check it when I'm bored. It's just so much more useful than a list of bookmarks.

I'm still trying to get back into the habit of using instant messaging...

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