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Main floor tickets for Interpol at the Paramount Theater (22 October) are re-available at Ticketmaster. This surprise availability turned my indecision about the show to an impulse purchase.

Anyone else going?


i've been thinking about it... how much are they?
with all of the fees, about $30.

stupid ticketmaster... not sure I agree with their definition of "convenience".
Originally, I was planning to go ... but then it came down to Interpol or PJ Harvey. PJ Harvey won.
yeah. this is an expensive season for shows.

Had tickets (/fees) been cheaper, I would've bought a ticket to bribe one of my friends to tag along.
ahhhh I bought balcony tix on Monday at The Paramount. I wonder if they have floor seats still available.
yeah. you should check. Only balcony tickets were available earlier in the week on Ticketmaster, too. I don't know if the main floor tickets were released to all customers or just TM buyers.

(funny, I think I stopped at the Paramount box office on Monday to check availability too.)