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hoping it matters

I spent the afternoon doing techfee things, an unofficial meeting and then trying to keep up on the office stuff that's not being done since we're without a coordinator at the moment.

When things were basically taken care of, I went to the IMA to swim before meeting up with epidemiologists for happy hour and debate watching. We convinced the bar staff to turn from the Yankees-Twins game so that we could watch on the large screen. Though it seemed like a unconvincing request, Finn MacCool's was soon filled with participatory debate watchers.

Bush seemed really annoyed and rude at the beginning of the debate, but I'm sort of willing to blame that on our close position to the speakers. Still, I think that Kerry was at least slightly better. Even if you're the type to call it a tie (which I'm not. Bush had some really bad answers, particularly about mistakes and the environment, looked testy, and affirmed that he was against slavery when discussing the supreme court; Kerry looked calm and tall and answered more coherently, keeping the focus on the incumbent); it's still a Kerry win, since the "tie goes to the challenger."

But, the noise of the loudness of the debate coupled with an impromptu drinking game leave me kind of headachey and tired.


Love your mood!

What does "battling green eyeshades" mean? As in... the "colors" don't quite match? Are we talking about Iraq here?

Re: Love your mood!

I have no idea what it means. I think that Bush must have been trouble with his earpiece. The phrase was used in response to Kerry's tax plan:
And of course he’s going to raise your taxes. You see, he’s proposed $2.2 trillion of new spending. And you say: Well, how are you going to pay for it? He says, well, he’s going to raise the taxes on the rich — that’s what he said — the top two brackets. That raises, he says $800 billion; we say $600 billion.

We’ve got battling green eye shades.

Somewhere in between those numbers — and so there’s a difference, what he’s promised and what he can raise.

Now, either he’s going to break all these wonderful promises he’s told you about or he’s going to raise taxes. And I suspect, given his record, he’s going to raise taxes.[command-post]