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the only earth?

free speech, what?

Not that anyone should be surprised by blatant lies from BC04, but this piece on Morning Edition was pretty good. It's about the rights of campaign event planners and attendees.
"The crowds aren't screened. We love the fact that these events are usually huge. We certainly welcome very much folks that want to listen to what the president has to say regardless of their affiliation regardless of who they intend to support." -- Ken Melman, Bush Campaign Chairman. [npr]
Following that quote, are a litany of stories from people who tried to see Bush but were denied at the gate, removed from the event, and threatened with secret service investigation or jail time if they fail to comply.

They tried to find people who were denied entrance to Kerry events, but could only find one person who declined to comment.


In the long run, maybe this will hurt Bush when he has to face a group of non-rabid fans in tonight's town hall style debate.


To be unpolished in front of a cross-section of Americans is a dangerous thing. I think he'll get trounced tonight.
Don't the candidates get the questions in advance?
I don't think they do. The moderator gets the questions and sorts through them to determine what gets asked.

In this debate, the questions were from "uncommitted" voters (supposedly half leaned for each candidate).
I thought he did, but not as much as possible.

Some people think unpolished and ranting = folksy and steadfast. Ah, life in the nation of fear...
I was listening this morning, too. The example of the two high school students, and of the teacher with the sticker, were particularly appaling.