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i am not a stuffed tiger.


I'm interpreting this as pessimism about the Kerry campaign, but who really knows?

I know I've already mentioned it, but I bought a copy of Under the Radar this afternoon just because I love the pictures of bands holding up protest signs, which are being auctioned off on e-bay this month [utr]. There's just something pure about it, these people in nondescript settings, fed up with the world, resorting to clutching their opinions on cardboard for the world to see. The Fiery Furnaces "desperate for donkeys" sign kills me every time.

(I wish it was the photos and not the autographed signs that were for sale.)


what is the donkey saying? i can't tell.
I think it's saying "KERRY your weight"
Damn you, Josh! I was going to blog that very stencil today! I'll have to whip out the big guns now!
is that the one on the grocery store at broadway and harrison? it's all over the place...
Nah, it's on the South wall of that Rado (?) clothing store on Broadway and John
I almost posted the ninja rocker, but I was totally worried that you'd punch me in the face.
Holy crap, I would have punched BOTH OF US in the face and committed seppuku.