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Tonight I had dinner with my 98102 i-neighbors at the Elysian. We did have computery moments such as comparing current operating systems and number of social networking site memberships*, but all around it was quite a nice bunch of non-scary people from the internet plus good food and pumpkin beer

* It turns out that I've signed up for a lot of these, even though I don't use them or remember joining (see, in order of use: livejournal, flickr, friendster, orkut, i-neighbors, plazes, okcupid, myspace, upcoming, etc. etc.)


Re: hi neighbor!

you must not be checking your i-neighbors mail!

I'm actually shocked that I gave it an e-mail address that I check on a regular basis. We were talking about people's hypothetical annoyance at getting so many dinner-related messages. My guess was that people used neglected accounts.

Re: hi neighbor!

yuck. the e-mails were actually getting filtered as spam on my work account!

no bueno.