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This weekend I finally made the trek to the not-exactly-new-anymore Capitol Hill Trader Joe's. Though it wasn't greeted with quite the fanfare of the Brooklyn Target, but the arrival of the grocer to the greater Capitol Hill region was rather anticipated. I think that they have the approximately the same stock at the U-District store in about twice the space, making the shopping experience much more pleasant.

Walking over there took me past a couple retirement homes where old people were out on the lawn with their assisted mobility devices staring west toward the setting sun. Awesome.


Yesterday on the bus, I was sitting across the aisle from a guy reading the August issue of Drug Discovery & Development and noticed, because the bus was crowded and the headline was in large type, that he was reading a half-page article titled "Megastudy Has Genetic Surprise for Statins." Since my dissertation will involve genes and statins (cholesterol medication) I decided to break my rule about talking to strangers (esp. on the bus), I asked him what was the surprise was, but he refused to tell me. This made me a little mad, given my considerable reservations about talking to him in the first place.

I don't know if he thought I was trying to pick on him for being a nerd from the Hutch who was reading a niche science journal on the bus or what. But it was pretty r-e-t-a-r-d-e-d. Anyway, I found the article thanks to the google. It was about a study published in June [jama]. (spoiler: gene = HMG-CoA reductase!)


The bus was going to the U-District, where we made a go at the pub quiz and finished one point off the lead. If we had only known that Imelda Marcos collected brassieres in addition to shoes (or hadn't guessed handbags), or had we trusted our instincts that the Bundy family lived on Jeopardy Lane, that Mariner went to Venus (and not Mars), or that Holly Hunter won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1993, we'd have been a little bit richer.


people in the uw community have strong opinions about the new piece of art on parrington lawn [lj] and about people having opinions about it.

The story about the sculpture in University Week [uw]

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