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weekend observations

On Saturday night I went to Neumo's to hear Tilly and the Wall, Now It's Overhead, and Rilo Kiley while getting the youth of America registered to vote and signed-up for the Music for America e-mail list. The show was all around good quality music, as expected. One interesting detail, the rhythm section for Tilly and the Wall includes a tap dancer.

Aside from all of the bands being great and everyone being into them, they had a cool slideshow running throughout that featured pictures of artists holding protest signs, like this: I can't remember the link to this fundraiser project -- can anyone? Weren't they auctioning them off that will be auctioned on eBay next month. [undertheradar]

Walking around with a clipboard before the show and between sets, it seemed that most people were either registered to vote, or too young to be registered to vote. Apparenlty, I'm unable to tell whether people at an all ages show are older than eighteen years old. One such underager did register her male companion, who had forgotten to send in any of his previous applications. Though there were only three people registering to vote, lots of people were willing to sign up to get e-mail.

For the last half of the show, I hung out behind the table because Neumo's was packed full of people (the show sold out) and tried to entice people with free buttons. Spending time behind the merch table is actually pretty fun. I really enjoyed seeing the people who kept coming back to buy stuff multiple times, possibly as an excuse to talk to Tilly.

After the show was over and the bouncers were yelling at people to have their money ready so that they could clear the place for a fashion show (!), one shy skinny kid who signed-up for the e-mail list before the show returned on several occasions, seemed to buy more than he planned, and still came back for more a couple minutes later.

Of course, I ended up doing almost the same thing, buying CDs and a poster before leaving. But $10 for CDs after getting in for free is nearly impossible to resist.


The rest of the weekend was pretty boring and event-free. I did things like laundry, groceries, and a haircut.

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