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I mean to post this fifty-five days ago, but didn't until I was reminded of it by mattack's recent viewing of Garden State and the front page news at the New York Times Magazine that there are weblogs (!) and people are using them (!) to cover politics(!) [nyt]


There is a Garden State blog written by Zach Braff [g.s.] that's an NPR sponsor. I think that the use of weblogs into the suite of promotional packaging is kind of interesting (and it's showing up in politics as well as entertainment). I imagine that they're meant to convey a more direct an authentic connection, but wonder how often they succeed. At what level of celebrity is it still believable? It does seem like an appropriate strategy given the film's content and intended audience ...


Looking at the site again, it looks like it's been successful. There is now a Garden State meetup [#] as well as links to the weblog's livejournal feed, xanga webring, and other community-building tools.


I liked the movie when I saw it a long time ago [-106d (my equation should've included photographer)], but I sort of think that the trailers are more satisfying. [apple].

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