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drinking in the dark

stoned slackergate

Viewers of dopey late night alternanews may be drunk or stoned while watching (according to Bill "no spin" O'Reilly), but they seem to know more about the issues in the campaign than people who avoid nighttime comedy:
Polling conducted between July 15 and Sept. 19 among 19,013 adults showed that on a six-item political knowledge test people who did not watch any late-night comedy programs in the past week answered 2.62 items correctly, while viewers of Late Night with David Letterman on CBS answered 2.91, viewers of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno answered 2.95, and viewers of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart answered 3.59 items correctly. [business journal]
Left out of the quiz were questions testing knowledge of local fires, car crashes, and kittens stuck in trees. This is probably the content area where Daily Show avoiders would shine.


“In fact, Daily Show viewers have higher campaign knowledge than national news viewers and newspaper readers -- even when education, party identification, following politics, watching cable news, receiving campaign information online, age, and gender are taken into consideration.”

I love The Daily Show, but this sort of makes me sad. Even though it doesn't surprise me even a little bit. The news = r-e-t-a-r-d-e-d
I think that it's probably because the Daily Show is only funny if you have a clue about what's going on in the news. To some extent, they might be providing people with new information, but people who have some basic knowledge probably find the Daily Show much funnier than someone who's only tuning in for the celebrity interview.

Good point.