josh (joshc) wrote,

due to reader demand: coverage of last Saturday’s game night

Tonight was the infamous game night at Rachel & Elena's swinging Wallingford pad. Oh boy was this ever a showstopper. It turns out that they went to a thrift store to stock up on games! So, to make all of Rachel's game-playing dreams come true, we played not one, not two, not three, but FOUR games.

In order: Outburst, Clue, Therapy, and Guesstures. Outburst is a game that uses a uses a red filter to read the hidden items that fit under a particular category. The scoreboard looks like a cribbage board. Charles and I lost. Clue was as I remembered from my youth. Playing as Ms. Scarlet, Elena was the winner. Therapy is a game that involves moving a couch around a circle and answering questions about psychology and other teammates. The "therapy" questions are funny. All of them read, "so tell me, _______, " and ask the person to rate something. Elena seemed angry that people thought she wanted to rule the world and would be a bad poker player. On the other hand, I was not offended that people thought I would sell my body or sleep in a coffin. We didn't really play Guesstures, but it seemed less horrible that I imagined it would be. It comes with this contraption that looks like a director's slate.
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