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parked at the intersection of the Venn Diagram for Lincoln drivers and motorcycle enthusiasts.


questions (if you get a moment)

1. josh, your livejournal seems to pop up on search engines with relative ease. is there a reason for this other than wide readership and conscientious posting? i type my username into google and get nothing except links to your blog. this makes me sad and angry at the same time.

2. flickr looks really cool. how has your experience been so far? in relation to question 1, when your pictures are posted with flickr, are they more readily hit upon by search engines (as opposed to, say, throwing some images up on a server)?

3. do you feel that having a readily indexed blog and tagged photographic documentation of your experiences will bring about the preservation of your consciousness when the next pandemic wipes out humanity and the world is ruled by robots?

Re: questions (if you get a moment)

1. My understanding of the google is that things with links pointing to them tend to get higher rankings and get indexed more. I think I ginned-up the rankings by putting links to my livejournal on my other sham websites. It also helps (and is kind of scary) that I have my real name on my livejournal userinfo and in the title, since I think that google takes titles a little more seriously in its ranking system. Also, you might check to see if you're blocking spiders from indexing your livejournal. Finally, wide readership? lol.

2. I'm still trying to figure out whether I like flickr. The tagging system is what I find the neatest (e.g., popular tags [flickr]) and their search interface and looks nifty (if I were really using it as a photo repository). I have a feeling that I'd like it more if I was using the latest operating system from Apple, since all of the plugins and tools are written for 10.3. hello also looks cool, but it is for PC users. I am in love with the interface (and content) at slower.net, but know that building something like that for myself would be disasterous. I also feel like I should try to use the livejournal picture hosting. but creating websites with iPhoto and uploading to dante turns out to be the least labor intensive.

I don't know if posting images to a service gets them indexed more than putting them on a server. Again, I think it's a question of links. I typically put personal photos on my UW space and link to them from my livejournal. The albums are generated by iPhoto and contain lots of links between pages and a few text descriptions; so google probably loved them. As I run out of UW space, I've been less regular about where I put photos and can't tell if people are looking at them. In the past month, people seem to be interested in feather bowling, Sigur Ros, and Brad and Jennifer's wedding.

3. what other reason could there possibly be for doing this?

Re: questions (if you get a moment)

thanks =]