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beach, outside

equal opportunity

For those of you who just can't get enough of other people's vacation photos or who were disappointed by the small number of pictures featuring me looking stupid in the first installment, </a></b></a>rhiannon has added her pictures to the album for your viewing pleasure.

[table15 | obx 2004 | page 6]


I was disappointed by the lack of pictures of you. But I'm sure you don't look stupid.

Did you get really drunk on the dancing/singing/fighting night? Why did I miss this?
not especially. I think I was just being stupid.

I think you were busy living in New York.
I was only pretending to be drinking from the bottle of tequila.
He was definitely just pretending to be drunk and acting really crazy, and he was just unlucky that I was also not drunk and was taking lots of pictures. I think it was all about acting drunk to get the drunk people to keep drinking and entertain us.
well, it's tricky to take pictures of myself.